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About AEO Photo


From our CEO:

In 2009, AEO Photo introduced our first product: “AEO Lightning Strike” camera shutter trigger for lightning photography. AEO’s founder, Scott Adams, is an electrical engineer (UCLA MS and PhD) with over 30 years design experience. He created that first product in response to storm chasing friends who wanted such a device but were unwilling and/or unable to pay the high price for what was available at the time.

Since that first introduction AEO has significantly grown, expanding it’s commercial photography product line, and leveraging it’s proprietary technology in other fields and businesses, including medical device products. The tremendous sales response of the past few years has enabled AEO to wisely re-invest in US based automated assembly and manufacturing, allowing us to DECREASE our overall manufacturing costs, and thus pass that savings on to our customers. With the introduction of our LS Micro series in the Spring of 2012, AEO was able to, for the first time, lower both our wholesale and retail prices across the board.

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In 2011, AEO engaged in strategic distribution agreements with B&H Photo, and other US and European based distributors, providing an even greater response network to our growing base of customers.

The Bottom Line: AEO’s business strategy is Growth and Customer Support & Satisfaction. We couldn’t offer a 5 year warranty if we couldn’t convince ourselves and our customers that we would even be around in five years. Key to that strategy is building a strong Brand that is easily recognized by consumers. Always beware of companies that re-surface / re-structure / re-name under a different brand when they have successfully driven their original brand into the ground via poor quality, or just poor decision making. AEO is the proud mark of our brand, and our goal is that our customers come to recognize that as a mark of quality that they can depend on.

Scott Adams, PhD
President & CEO
AEO Photo

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