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Warranty & Manuals



AEO Photo stands behind the Quality and Design of our products, 100%.  Period.  As such, you won’t find any “rules for return”, refund policies, restocking fees, and other such nonsense that essentially creates an income business out of processing defective hardware.

Our warranty is simple: 5 YEARS.  Your product will work as you expect for 5 years or we will refund or replace (your choice) at OUR expense.  If there is a problem, we will personally coordinate with you a satisfactory resolution.

We can do this for one simple reason:  It just doesn’t happen very often!  We produce a high quality product at a reasonable price.  Of the several thousand units we’ve shipped, we can count on one hand the number of issues we needed to resolve.

Scott Adams, PhD
President & CEO
AEO Photo


Various maunals and informational documents may be downloaded in PDF format by clicking on the appropriate buttons below. If you are looking for a manual for an older Lightning Strike!, click the “Archives Button” below.

Series 4 Triggers Documentation

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